Wedding Planning

Every Love Story is Unique, So Should Be The Wedding!


Selecting a wedding destination is an arduous task. At Ascent Events, we understand the emotions of Bride and Groom and your families and guests.

Our experienced team is known for delivering a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience. We know the stress of a wedding event while finalizing vendors across all verticals. Leave your entire stress on our teams' shoulders and relax.

Why are we known as 'The Luxury Wedding Planner'?
  • Special Attention To Clients' Requirements
  • Understanding Budget and Finance
  • Multiple Exotic Wedding Destinations
  • We Will Assign A Dedicated Project Manager
  • Accommodation Management For Out-Of-Station Guests
  • Local Transport From Hotel To And From Venue

Celebrating a wedding is the only thing we do! Even if it is logically impossible for you to come to India, our team is available on Google Meet, Skype or Zoom. Let us enhance your wedding experience with our flawless execution.

Our mission is to add a "WOW FACTOR" to your special day.

Our Complete Services List follows:

  • Venue Management: We will take care of complete venue management, starting from the venue shortlisting, negotiating on your behalf, and finalizing the contract.
  • Décor Design And Finalization: In this phase, we get into brainstorming and come out with a design that matches your aesthetic taste.
  • Accommodation Management: Our solid network with the chain of hotels across India matching every budget has always provided our clients a significant relief
  • Transportation: We will take care of the transportation of your guests, whether it is from airport to hotel or from hotel to venue. We will be at your service from start till the event ends.
  • Pre-Wedding Management: We have a trusted and experienced network of Beauticians, Mehndi Artists, Band and Ghodi, Photographers, Cinematographers, Florists who will handle your pre-wedding event.
  • Vendor Management: Our team will walk the extra mile in maintaining smooth coordination among booked vendors.