Conference and Seminars

We are a passionate team on a mission of delivering world-class seminars and Conferences.


When it comes to research and innovations, India is one of the emerging names globally. Seminars and Conferences are an integral part of research and innovation. Through conferences, companies can showcase their research.

Countless seminars and conferences are being held in India. At Ascent Events, we are a one-stop solution for organizing seminars and conferences. We offer top-notch seminars and conference logistics management regardless of size and location.

Ascent Events is the frontrunner in the world of conference and seminars management. Our team comprises experienced members who have executed numerous conferences at the highest level. Our strategies will drive registration and ensure your conference is a financial success.

Seminars and conferences are the best media to exchange ideas and knowledge in today's world. At Ascent Events, highly experienced professionals know the latest technology required to execute a high-profile conference.

Our Work Insight:

Planning and Budgeting: Our team helps our clients plan an optimum budget that ensures a successful event. Leave your entire planning burden on our shoulders and relax.

Design Theme Conceptualization: We pay special attention to understanding our client's objective to conduct the conference and seminars. Based on your event goals, we create theme-based customized designs. We ensure the event remains etched in their memories.

Venue Selection: Once the client confirms the event date and venue city, we move to the crucial step of venue selection. Our team selects an event with four essential factors: logistics, space, location, and cost.

Guests' Accommodation Management: It is one of the most crucial parts of event logistics as your guests will be arriving at the event after a long journey. We have a team of hotel accommodations experts who understand your guests' stay choice and will offer great deals.

Audio-Visual Management: Our technical experts eliminate even a slight chance of technical glitches in sound and system by preserving the goodwill of your event.

Food and Beverage: We believe in creating a well-planned menu with multiple options for vegetarians and non-veg vegetarians. Our experts ensure that our clients' guests enjoy food that matches their taste buds and relish their experience.