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We Are On A Journey Of Creating Powerful Brand Experiences


Let's Go Past The Pandemic Impact- Tailored Made Promotional Solutions

Ascent Event brings customized ATL and BTL marketing solutions. Creativity is always going to be our superpower. In a complex world of advertising, we offer a brand-driven solution. Instinctive generosity is our driving factor.

We partner with brands to achieve meaningful progress and unlock unique possibilities of creating a buzz in our clients' target market. We make insight a reality through radical collaboration that helps brands move forward.

Your customers are a brand new landscape, and we offer the key to navigating it. In today's fast-paced world, marketing has moved beyond TV or Radio Ads. Interactive media helps forge meaningful brand experiences and allows consumers to merge in it daily.

Product Launches: Our experienced team always pays attention to micro details to deliver an out-of-the-box event and ensure the success of your launch event.

Brand Promotion: We create impactful brand experience events to stimulate brand awareness, recognition of your brand, and support with campaign logistics.

Roadshows: Most of them think roadshows are field events on steroids. We will take your company's message on the road and help you reach the unreachable audience earlier.

Host and Entertainment: Any event success depends upon the workforce assigned to execute the tasks. Among the crew, the essential job is show hosting. We select the best of the best person who can drive the show by keeping your audience connected till the end.